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Zacuto Gratical Eye

Zacuto Gratical Eye

10.000 kr (moms tillkommer)

Z-GRE Gratical Eye SDI

Supersmidig liten SDI-sökare med stor vy så att du kan ha en waveform och ljudnivåer eller andra valfria hjälpmedel under bilden om du vill.
Väldigt hög kvalitet som alltid med Zacuto och kristallklar, ren bild som är lätt att ställa skärpa med och komponera bilden med hur ljust det än är ute.

Säljes i kit med Axis mini (€350), som tillåter montering i standard 15mm rod, och en kombinerad SDI/ lemo-P-tap med strömbrytare (€160.
Fint skick i kartong, fungerar så klart helt felfritt.

The Gratical Eye SDI electronic viewfinder is the smallest and lightest of our Micro OLED EVFs. It fits in the palm of your hand and weighs only 14oz. This is an ideal SDI EVF solution for filmmakers using professional cameras and external batteries. The Gratical Eye has a 2 pin Lemo power jack and a single SDI input. A 75Wh battery can power the Gratical Eye for 14 hours! Mount the Gratical Eye to your Next Generation Recoil via the 1/4 20 rosette on the side with an Axis Mini.

The Gratical Eye Micro OLED electronic viewfinder uses an extremely powerful FPGA dual-core processor and the latest Micro-OLED displays to provide a hugely expanded contrast range. Our Micro-OLED display supports high pixel density with unparalleled resolution, true blacks, gamma and contrast range. The Gratical Eye has 5.4 million pixels on a 0.61” diagonal screen no bigger than the size of your thumbnail.

You’ll be amazed with how sharp the image is. The internal field of view is just the right size so that the image is large, but not so that your eye has to roam to see the entire image at once. It features a built in -1 to +4 diopter range and Zacuto’s patented essential anti-fog coating formula. It never fogs in humidity or freezing temperatures. An auto-closing eyecup door prevents sunburn display automatically without any action by the operator.

Along with the full suite of Zacuto EVF firmware (full scopes, LUTs, multi level peaking, and more), the Gratical Eye has two unique features - an external tally light and a proximity screen saver.

Technical Specifications:

Screen Dimension- 0.61” diagonal
Resolution - Full Display 1280x1024, 16x9 1280x720 HD
Contrast Ratio - 10,000:1
Refresh Rate - 60Hz
Color Depth - 24 bit RGB
Luminance - 120-250 cd/m^2
Pixel Info - 2687.21 PPI
5.4 million pixels
16.7 million colors

Custom Scaling/User Presets
Color Processor - RGB, saturation, brightness, contrast
Zebra Stripes - Customize width, color, thresholds
Waveform (3D)
Histogram (RGB, Luma)
Audio Meters
Proximity Screen Saver
Outboard Tally Light
LUT import, creating & editing
Red Line Peaking (multi-color)
Multi Level intense focus assist peaking
False Color
Frame Store Feature
Test Pattern (color bars & Macbeth)
Four programmable buttons
Frame Rates - 23.98p, 23.98PsF, 24p, 24PsF, 25p, 25PsF, 29.97PsF, 30 PsF,50i, 50p, 59.94i, 60i, 60p

HD-SDI Input - Resolutions up to 1080p/60

Compatible with either polarity 2 pin LEMO
100Wh battery will power the Eye for 16 hours
Power Voltage Input 12-16.8V
Power draw 5.5W, .46A at 12V

New firmware upgrades and Gratical tech support can be found here

Please note: External power is required for the Eye. This Power/SDI cable
transmits both power and video to the Eye. A Gripper 75 can power the Gratical eye for up to 12 hours and mounts directly to rods out the back of your baseplate. Alternately, with our Zwiss Plate V2 and additional rear rods, you can add a S\standard battery plate and batteries.

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