Fostex FM3

Fostex FM3

5.000 kr

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The FM-3 Portable Mixer offers a three-input, stereo output portable mixing solution and has been designed primarily for ENG (professional electronic news gathering) but is also at home in on-location film productions. It’s equipped with 3 balanced inputs (switchable phantom power), with a 2ch main output plus a wide variety of sub outputs.

Both the FM-4 and FM-3 are robust, rugged designs with all controls, inputs and outputs easily accessible on three main surfaces with no ‘round the back’ controls. Special care has been taken to ensure noise levels are kept extremely low, which makes these mixers perfect for use in any over-the-shoulder production application including digital transmission links or digital video and audio recording media.

With their low-noise circuitry, exceptional audio fidelity and unique feature sets the new Fostex Portable Mixer / Mic Pre are not only more than suitable for all professional broadcast and film applications, they set a new benchmark for portable on-location mixing devices.

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