OConnor O-Focus DM Photo Set

OConnor O-Focus DM Photo Set

9.200 kr (moms tillkommer)

O-Focus DM Photo Set

Lillebror till CFF-1 PRO för 50000+ kr - kompatibel, delar många delar.

• O-Focus Hard Stop Handwheel
• Gear Friction Driver
• Lens Drive Gear for CFF-1 Follow Focus (0.8M, 43 Teeth)
• Lens Drive Gear for CFF-1 Follow Focus (0.8M, 35 Teeth)
• Lens Drive Gear for CFF-1 Follow Focus (0.6M, 50 Teeth)
• Lens Drive Gear for CFF-1 Follow Focus (0.5M, 60 Teeth)
• 10 x Conical Marking Disc
• O-Focus Main Bridge
• LWS Rod Bridge (15mm)
• Originalförpackning

Se vidare: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/833967-REG/OConnor_C1242_0001_O_Focus_DM_Photo_Lens.html

The OConnor O-Focus Dual Mini Photo Set is a follow focus system equipped with a Hard Stop Handwheel and designed double-sided to optionally also accommodate a Cine Handwheel.

The Dual Mini attaches to a lens by sliding dovetail and is adjustable thus to various lens diameters. Its main bridge is very low-profile and has a gear drive ratio of 1:0.75, which produces 270° of rotation for every 360° that the handwheel is turned, and which hence affords longer, more exacting pull on limited rotation still lenses.

The Hard Stop wheel features a transmission ratio of 1:1 and so maintains the gear driver's longer pull. The wheel offers also the benefit of setting minimum and maximum focus points for infinite rotation lenses, and of performing hard stop pulls, and, moreover, of an on/off switch it has that at the employ of a hand instantly disengages end stops so that important adjustments can be made during sudden moments in a scene.

The Dual Mini is made of lightweight, durable black anodized aluminum. Its bridge can be used with an included LWS rod bridge or optionally with 15/19mm studio rod systems. It can also be used with interchangeable gears and with a handwheel extension. Its low-profile design with no swing arm and with a direct-drive gear box is ideal for large barrel diameter lenses.

Dual Mini
• Equipped with a Hard Stop Handwheel for photo lenses.
• Double-sided to optionally also accommodate a Cine Handwheel.
• Adjustable to various lens diameters by way of a sliding dovetail design.
• The main bridge is low-profile and has a direct-drive gear box and no swing arm.
• The bridge's gear ratio is 1:0.75, which produces a 270° output for every 360° of input.

Hard Stop Handwheel
• Achieves longer, more exacting pull with limited rotation still lenses.
• Features a 1:1 transmission ratio that maintains the Dual Mini's 270° of output.
• Allows minimum and maximum focus points to be set and hard stop pulls to be performed.
• Equipped with an on/off switch that disengages end stops so important adjustments can be made.

How it Compares with the CFF-1:
The O-Focus DM Photo Set shares a number of features with the CFF-1, but is a smaller unit optimized for still photo lenses. The gear ratio is 1:0.75, versus 1:1.84 for the CFF-1.

Shared Features with the CFF-1:
• Extremely low profile double sided bridge design Low profile bridge
• Interchangeable studio / LWS bridge
• Interchangeable knobs, knob extensions and gears Interchangeable marking discs
• Offset handwheel Standard whip / crank coupling

Differentiating Features from the CFF-1:
• Gear ratio / Lens optimization Direct drive vs. swing arm Physical size

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