Red Rocket X

Red Rocket X

5.000 kr

RED Rocket X

Red Rocket X

PCI-e kort accelererar R3D filer från RED kameror.

Ny pris när den köptes ca 60000kr

Hämtas helst i Tollare, Nacka eller Maria Torget I Stockholm eller skickas på egen risk.

Jag nås via E-Mail.

/ Martin

* Accelerator Card for Processing REDCODE
* Real-Time 4K Playback
* Faster than Real-Time 6K Processing
* Decodes, Debayers, and Scales R3D Files
* DisplayPort and SDI Outputs
* PCI-E x16 Interface
* Works with Windows and Mac Computers
Process and play back REDCODE (R3D) raw files in real-time with the RED DIGITAL CINEMA RED ROCKET-X accelerator card. The card itself can be installed in an available PCI-E x16 slot, either in a Windows PC, Mac Pro tower, or Thunderbolt PCIe chassis. The RED ROCKET-X benefits your workflow by decoding, debayering, and scaling REDCODE footage in real-time. DisplayPort and SDI outputs can connect to external displays for directly monitoring the processed footage. Direct 4K playback through the DisplayPort outputs is possible, and processing of 6K footage can be done faster than real-time. The RED ROCKET-X supports all HELIUM, RED DRAGON, RED DRAGON Monochrome, MYSTERIUM, MYSTERIUM-X, and Monochrome R3D files.

Processing REDCODE decoding, debayering, and scaling up to 6K
Hardware Requirements PCIe x16 physical slot
1 x 6-pin PCIe power cable
Form-Factor Full-length (12" approx.), single-slot (card only

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