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Video Devices PIX-E5H Recording Monitor

Video Devices PIX-E5H Recording Monitor

6.000 kr

Video Devices

1 tb SSD + Smallrig cage ingår!
Perfekt till en Sony A7 eller liknande.

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Compact and powerful, the Video Devices PIX-E5H 5" 4K Recording Video Monitor can record 4K video over HDMI to SpeedDrive SSDs. Not only is the PIX-E5H a powerful recorder, it also has a built-in 5" 1920 x 1080 resolution touchscreen for monitoring framing, checking focus, and displaying scopes. Video Devices designed the PIX-E series of recorders to be compact so you can use them with small cameras and camcorders without weighing them down excessively.

Firmware update v3.00 also adds the capability to simultaneously record an edit-ready 4K ProRes file (MOV) to the SpeedDrive and 1080p H.264 file (MP4) to an SD card. This is useful for dailies and other applications. If you have a LUT active during simultaneous recording, it will be baked into the H.264 file only and will not affect the ProRes recording. This allows you to record a ProRes master file for editing and Rec.709 H.264 file for client viewing. 4K to 1080p downscaling happens automatically during simultaneous 4K/1080p recording. The update also enables H.264 recording with a timecode stamp to the SpeedDrive and/or SD card.

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