Pris: 500 kr

I have 2 of these lights It's similar a Joker 800 that runs off batteries and is cool to the touch! Has a 5500K color temperature that consumes only 300W of power while outputting 4451 fc of light with the included reflector at a distance of 1.6'. CRI rating of 95 and a TLCI rating of 96, with extremely accurate rendering of skin tones. Intelligent cooling system employs temperature sensitive fans to regulate the heat, so it's dead silent in most applications.

Comes with carrying case so it's easy to move around the city.

400 kr per day (per light)

1000 kr for 3 days and 2300 kr for 7 days (per light)

Pickup & return days are free.

Weekends count as one day.

One-day minimum.

VAT- 25%

Note, willing to be flexible on rate depending on production's budget. Ring or text message 0735731422 if you want to get hold of me, messages sometimes do not pass on to email.

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