Carl Zeiss Jena MC 2.8/80mm Biometar för PL-Mount

Carl Zeiss Jena MC 2.8/80mm Biometar för PL-Mount

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Säljer ett Carl Zeiss Jena MC 2.8/80mm Biometar objektiv i toppskick. Jag Har bytt system från PL till EF så behöver inte detta objektiv längre. Nedan tydlig info om objektivet från ursprungssäljaren:

Carl Zeiss Jena MC 2.8/80mm Biometar lens adapted for using on movie cameras with PL-mount (like Arriflex/Red One etc). Lens covers Super 35mm format. Allows to focus on infinity.

Item description:

The Carl Zeiss Jena Biometar 80mm f2.8 lens is one of the oldest Carl Zeiss Jena lenses available and is available in the classic all metal finish (along with the Zeiss Biotar and Tessar lenses). These older versions still have specific air bubbles in the lens glass (these do not affect image quality – back in the day it was very difficult to produce pure high end glass).

The build quality of this lens is outstanding as you would expect from an all metal Zeiss lens.

The image quality of this lens is very good. While shot wide open the center of the image is very sharp, while the rest of the image creates a unique bookeh which is almost twirling and creamy. This makes this lens a great companion for portraiture and artistic photography. Even when mounted on a digital camera this vintage lens produces images with an almost analog like feel. Used on a classic 6x6 MF camera like Pentacon Six this lens is a classic portrait lens that is highly renowned and sought after for its’ specific bookeh.

The Biometar lens has become somewhat of a collectors item for which you will have to pay a price premium.

Item specification:
Type: telephoto/portrait
Name: Carl Zeiss Jena Biometar 2.8/80mm
Coating: Multi-Coated glass
Focal lenght: 80mm
Maximum aperture: f/2.8
Minimum aperture: f/22
Lens construction: 5 elements in 3 groups
Closest focusing distance: 0.8m/
Filter/attachment size: 49mm

Body is in excellent condition. Optics are clean with no dust, no haze or fungus inside. Aperture blades are clean of oil. The aperture moves nicely at every aperture position. The aperture-control ring turns smoothly and accurate. The focusing ring turns smoothly and precise.

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