Panasonic AG-AF101E

Panasonic AG-AF101E

Pris: 5.000 kr


Säljer en Panasonic AG AF101E med laddare och batteri.

Tänker mig 5000:-

Kan även tänka mig något skoj i byte. Främst intresserad av ett bra video stativ eller en Canon 5d mk II.


Innovative and incredibly powerful, the Panasonic AG-AF101E is the first camcorder to record Micro 4:3 format of the market! Able to record footage in multiple HD formats, including AVCHD 1080p or 720p, you'll find the picture quality of your films to be
The AG-AF101E is remarkably versatile, and is compatible with most standard industry camera lenses, adapters and filters
That means you can vary the depth of field just like you would on a camera! As far as storage goes, the AG-AF101E can record up to 2 x 64 GB of video content with its two SD memory card slots
What's more, the Panasonic AG-AF101E offers a wide array of connectivity options, including an XLR mic input and HD-SDI output

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